Cisco Call Recording

Gossiper is a great addition to your Cisco Unified Communications
environment as a call recording solution. Use it to capture general
business conversations for compliance, legal protection, and quality
management purposes.




Key Features

Mobile Friendly User Interface

Access call recordings anytime, anywhere from your phone, tablet or desktop. With Gossiper’s intuitive, user-friendly Web interface no desktop software is needed. It also works natively on any mobile device.

Search and Play

Search thousands of calls by any parameter, quickly and easily - e.g., date, time, period, calling/called number, or simply type in a search term. Playback is available right in the browser window.

IPv6 Ready Recording

Record all calls automatically or initiate on-demand call recording from the IP phone menu. Gossiper can handle an IPv4 and an IPv6 media stream and call signalization.

SIP Signalization Only

Gossiper relies only on the real-time SIP signalization with the PBX. Record calls across a variety of call scenarios such as Single Number Reach, Mobile and Remote Access (MRA) or Spark Hybrid calls.

Multi-site Deployment

Record calls made to and from multiple locations/branches. Put the servers "closer to the calls" to reduce the bandwidth requirements across the WAN with no additional licensing costs.

Fully Virtualized

Increase flexibility, speed-up deployment, optimize hardware resources, and reduce total cost of ownership. Gossiper supports VMware, VirtualBox and Hyper-V virtual environments.

Increase Customer Satisfaction