Live Call Monitoring

There is no need of third-party application - just a phone.
Dial-in, authenticate and get access to all active calls.




Key Features

Zero Desktop Client Installation

Access the ongoing calls anytime, anywhere from your desk phone or outside of the company. With Gossiper’s Live call monitoring no desktop software is needed.

Security matters

Authenticate with a PIN when calling from an unknown device. Supervisors are getting the "fast lane" with direct access to the active calls without authentication when calling from their predefined extensions.

Easy Access via TUI and DTMF

Switch through the active calls randomly by using a single key or use the complex Telephone User Interface (TUI) to browse the ongoing recordings.

A Coaching Opportunity

  • The Live Call Monitoring feature allows supervisors to listen to the active calls in real-time as they happen.

  • This feature helps train new employees and alleviate problems as soon as possible.

  • Every interaction is a coaching opportunity!